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Destination Kotor

Destination Kotor

Embraced between Montenegro’s most immense mountains, Kotor is located along one of the most beautiful and yet largest bays on the Adriatic. 

This world heritage site dates back from the IV century, brimming with artwork and architecture has been under the influence of the most profound eras. Kotor is enhanced by the magic of its natural and historical surroundings: crystal clear water, limestone massifs of both Lovcen and Orijen, peninsulas, churches and palaces. 

The remarkable city walls expanding around the old town of Kotor and over the St. Giovanni hill with a 5 km length are only the first breathtaking glance. Even though Kotor is lavishing with historical and monumental valuable structures, the most notable, which stands as a great symbol of the old town, is the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon from the 9th century. This UNESCO protected town offers an unique feature of the innovative and the ancient. Along Kotor’s historical and cultural attractions, the boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafés will just play a small role in what is to be a fulfilling stay.

Boutique hotel Astoria is an excellent place to explore this historic city, right in the center of the Old Town, minutes from the sea port. 

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