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Hotel Astoria | Budva, Montenegro

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Hotel Astoria enjoys a charming location in the main street of the Old town of Kotor, on the square of Flour enclosed by the towns largest and most significant squares of St. Tryphon and Arms.  

A marine for your yacht, souvenir shops, night clubs, banks and other important institutions for business travelers-everything is just around the corner.

For those who yearn to experience and explore the rich past of this two millennium old town, hotel Astoria is the perfect place to start. The minute you settle down you will find yourself on the road that talks about the glory and spirit of the old times, about towers and footsteps of the Greeks, Romans, Slavs...

Visit hotel Astoria, enjoy our carnivals, participate in our theatre, folklore, music and sport manifestation - enjoy the town where the streets never sleep and give you moments to remember. We are sure that if you feel the "magical spirit" of this enigmatic hotel just once and follow the rhythm of your heart, you will be our faithful visitor every year.

Hotel Astoria | Kotor Montenegro

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